In Which Stephan Holds Forth


Every now and then, I get the urge to walk around and wave my arms like seaweed swaying in the shallows. I try to remember to only ACTUALLY do this when I'm in my office, though, because it can be hazardous in the hallways.

Playing it Safe

I've read articles saying that coffee is healthy, and ones saying tea is healthy. So what I do, is mix a shot of espresso with strong tea. I'm sure a barista could help me call that properly, but for now I say it teaspresso, with a single shot.

Yay coffee

After I realized my coffee grinder would work pretty well on beetle carapaces, I tried for a long time to muster up some enthusiasm for ground beetle shells. I must regretfully report that I failed.

A Dilemma

I was trying to decide which was better, the fresh snap peas from our CSA box, or the lasagna from my wife's grandmother's recipe. I concluded that best of all are the innumerable opportunities which have collided to let me raise the question in the first place. (But: thanks, Grammy!)

Ice Bees

Last night I dreamt that the Wonder Twins took the shape of (or form of, I can never remember) ice bees.

A search upon waking seems to indicate that for once, I may have come up with something not already on the Internet? If so, thanks, subconscious mind!
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